A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Witch and the Wolf is an extremely simple and small game. It only involves trying to kill a werewolf before it kills your character. There aren't any features except for moving left and right and shooting a magic spell.

This is my first video game that I ever developed. It was made in two days as I gave myself a personal game jam with a Halloween theme. I will write a post-mortem on my development blog http://xiabween.blogspot.com/

Controls and Objective

"A" - shoot magic spells

"Left and Right arrow keys" - move left and right

The game's objective is to kill the werewolf with your magic spells, kiting it before it kills you.

Install instructions

The executable doesn't need any requirements to run. The .jar file needs a Java Virtual Machine to run and it will run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


desktop-1.0.jar 5 MB
WitchAndWolf.exe 154 kB


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Note from the developer: don't waste your time with this. It's crap.