Yep... I have an episode of major depressive disorder, so I apologize if the quality of this game was affected (which it did, a lot!). I'm currently defeating it right now, so that means that my next games will be better!

This was my first real game jam and I hope I followed the rules :3 (I did, I know it!).

And this is a game, because you can interact with it! It's not much (you just tap/click inside the client area and it responds), but... you know!?

Oh, yeah, Eclipse screwed me over when I spent several hours trying to get the game to run on Android. It said that the Dex file was invalid or something (hence, the name "Dexno").

Java and Eclipse ><!

Install instructions

Erm, the HTML version's viewport is small as heck (even though this a 64x64 game)! The Android version looks better, because it's scaled better.


Dexno-android.apk 1 MB
desktop-1.0.jar 8 MB

Also available on


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Sorry to hear about your depressive episode, I always find putting your focus into something helps if you can manage. Hope it's not your last jam!

Thanks for the encouragement, master senpai sama! No, im gonna keep developing games cuz dis will be my career, indie game development! dats my ninja way! im gonna participate in more game jams, cuz game jams are a game dev's remedy for when they feel bad! :D